Golden Flowing

Golden hair color gives us extra charm and elegance. There are many shades of gold to choose from, and also many ways to combine them with a proper hairdo. Above, you can see a model, whose long hair has been dyed golden, left loosened and a bit messy. It is a very nice option for girls, who go to the high school or college. You only need few minutes to look that beautiful, and you also won’t be disturbed by your hair if something breaks, because you will be able to fix it in no time.

Hair Curling

Hair curling is one of the most often used methods for the quick and beautiful hairstyles. We need good quality curling iron or hairstyler, or at least rollers that must be left in our hair for the entire night in order for curls to arrange perfectly. You can choose between little spirals and twist or large and delicate curls, or even soft and subtle waves. Everything depends on your taste and also on which type of curls will emphasize your character the most.