Natural Curls and Waves

Naturally-looking hairstyles are the best choice for every long hair owner. However, you should also consider the fact that your hair must be of proper health, otherwise the dream will fade away. One of such amazing inspiration for natural curls and waves has been presented above. This beautiful fair hair has been left undone, which gives it the best possible appearance. Great volume and astonishing final effect are the best aspects in here.

Long with Layers

Layered fair hair is something that every blonde should try at least once. The nature of your style will remain the same but with some improvements that will be definitely attracting attention on the street, in the store and everywhere you go. Simply, make an appointment in good hairstyling salon and grant yourself this gorgeous hairstyle. Hair with layers should appear only in case of loosened hair, because it is the most suitable appearance for your hair.

Undone Hair with a Slight Wave

Yet again we have for you another variation of the long hair. And yet again, the hair has been left undone and straight, flowing down on the model’s shoulders. Hair has been gently waved making an illusion of more volume hairdo, which is also quite natural and girly in its appearance. Such hair can be used for everything. However, it is best for a daily wear, like to school or to work, or even during our relaxing time off.

Long Blonde Hairstyle

Blonde hair that is blonde and loosened is the peak of femininity. Blonde hair color is the most popular shade to choose when we dye our hair. What’s more, it gives us also the possibility to make our hairdos more noticeable. If you wear your fair hair down and you are looking for the right type of hairstyle, we recommend curls, which will give an upgrade to your beauty and your everyday style in no time.