Lea Michele’s Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre is today commonly known and widely used dyeing technique, which through all these years gathered countless numbers of inspirations, and its amount still grows. This time, we are presenting ombre by Lea Michele, which if I may add, look simply stunning. It gives her very natural appearance, and therefore, bringing out on the surface the quintessence of Lea’s femininity, making her to look like girl next door.

Brown Ombre Hair!

Ombre can be done in two different ways, in terms of its contrast. First one is that you can decide on some very intense contrast by putting together two colors completely different from each other. However, there is also the second one, where you can dye your hair using shades of the same color, for example brown. If your hair is very long, you should leave it loosened and maybe curl it a little. And your hairstyle is now ready to be worn.

Fire Ombré

Call off the firemen, because it’s time to unleash some fiery style on our hair. This hairstyle is simply unbelievable – an ombre that looks like our hair was on fire. The blonde upper hair section is quite common; however, the bottom one is the craziest of them all. Fair hair transitions into the yellow one, which is already very vivid; and then, into the intense red that changes our tips into flaming tongues.

Blonde Ombre Hair Color

I’ll bet that every girl or woman with long hair knows exactly what ombre dyeing is. As it has been shown in the picture; ombre consists of two shades with a very noticeable contrast. You can, for example, choose the option presented by us. First, dye your long hair dark, and then bleach the bottom hair section, and you will have yourself a hair dyed ombre style. This form of dyeing is very attractive and it can be used with every colors – but remember about the contrast.

Ombre and Long Hair

For every woman, who does not have idea how to change the look of her hair without changing its undone and loosened arrangement, we have a great solution. Try to dye your hair using very popular recently method called ombre. You leave your upper hair section darker while brightening the bottom one, or only the tips. Remember that the most important thing here is the contrast; more intense the better.

Ombre Hairstyle

Another long hair and another ombre. This ombre has been done on brown hair, and I must say, it looks quite nice. The contrast is noticeable and vivid, so the proper effect has been achieved. Nonetheless, you can improve it more by using some accessories, but it is not a must. What’s more, such hairdo will work for you, no matter where you will go. Remember also that if you are not sure about these shades, you should try some semi-permanent dyes, first.

Curly Hairstyle

This time, we have something for proud owners of healthy and very long hair. Arranging some fancy hairdo using hair this long can be a real nightmare. It’s a very time-consuming process and therefore the best way is to decide on some simple but equally gorgeous hairstyle. One of the best examples is curls. They have the ability to raise the volume of your hair, and what’s more, they will transform you into the fabulously-looking princess.

Ashlee Simpson – Ombre Hair

Ashlee Simpson is a well-known singer, who has many years lived in her sister’s shadow. However, now she shines just as intensively as her hairstyles. Ombre style is very popular recently, and is no surprise that every young girl with long hair wants to try it on. Ashlee is presenting us with one of the ombre variations, which you can easily apply in case of your hair, too. You can do it by yourself or in some professional hair salon.

Ombre Hair with Purple and Blue Curls

Ombre has been known for its unusual way of dyeing our hair, mostly the long one. Rules are pretty simple; first, we take two colors with the strong contrast, stronger the better. Then, we dye our hair in a particular way; the upper section is dyed with the brighter shade, while the bottom one with the darker one. There are many combinations of colors to dye your hair ombre style. And one of the more original types you can see on the picture.

Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre can be suitable almost for everything; for every type of hair, for every type of hairstyle and for every type of woman. We can decide on traditional ombre or on dyeing our hair using reversed ombre. In traditional ombre technique dark color is applied on the upper hair section while brighter on the lower section of the hair. However, in case of reversed ombre colors are switching places. Ombre is as well-suitable for women as it is for young girls.

Brown Ombre – Long Hair

Ombre can be a great fix-and-upper in terms of improving our hairstyle even more. What’s interesting, ombre always looks good, even if our hairstyle doesn’t make us to look well. Ombre can correct that. This type of dyeing presents itself well on almost every type of hairstyle. Even darker colors, like brown or black, can be well-matched to appropriate ombre shades. You simply leave your brown color on the upper section of your hair, and the bottom one, especially hair ends, dye with color that is brighter than original.

Casual Fall Ombre Hair

Long hair doesn’t always have to be put to hairstyling. I don’t know, if you are aware of that, but the long hair can look more beautiful when worn down. What’s more, a bit messy appearance can even add more charm to our style. Such a casual wear will not only check out during weddings, birthdays or parties, but even during our daily routine, like work, school, college, and so on… Additionally, when mixed up with ombre style, hairstyle will presents itself very professional.

Salon Styled Ombre

Long hair dyed in ombre style, can be a real masterpiece, if everything will be matching everything. Long hair with impressive volume should be left straight and down. When you look at the picture, you can see that model wears her hair down, with large but delicate waves on the bottom, which give the hairstyle more volume. Plus, if you have decided on ombre, you should leave the upper part of the hair darker, and the bottom one very bright. Contrast will be fantastic.

Awesome Big Waves

Are you looking for sexy and feminine hairstyle, because you are preparing for, let’s say, a romantic evening with candle-light dinner? We have for you relatively quick hairstyle that you can knock the socks off of your man with. If you like to wear your hair down, simply turn it into big and delicate waves, flowing down while the hair being sweep over your shoulder. Mixing it with ombre coloring you can achieve really seductive appearance.