Light Golden Waves

Waves are very often chosen by the women with long hair, mainly, because of the comfort, quickness and simplicity during creating this hairdo. If you are not confident of your hairdressing skills, you may want to bring your hair to the salon, where you will be sure it will be done right. Long fair hair, undone and well-cared, is one of the best choices when deciding on waves, no matter smaller or larger ones.

Waves and Length

Did you ever notice that the longer the hair the more beautiful it is? Well, it’s true. Hair with such great length deserves to be treated like royalty, so don’t skimp on the hair care. One of most amazing hairdos for such long hair is waves. Longer the hair the larger the waves should be. This way you will get a whole new appearance with only a little sacrifice in the shape of your free time. Hairdo like this you can easily wear for many different occasions.

Long Brown Hair

For every owner of long, dark hair, we have an extreme improvement in the shape of quite uncommon curls. I must say, the hairdo looks stunning. Curls are very dense and strongly twisted. The whole gives you the impression of you wearing the hairdo back from the past centuries. It also requires more time than traditional curls. However, no matter the time and proper skills needed to execute them; this hairdo is simply breathtaking.

Long Hair with Color

Dyed hair is nothing new in today’s fashion. However, it is still very popular and widely used. Mostly, because dyed hair looks really great, of course, if the color is well-matched to the type of our beauty and our hair. It will not hurt to experiment with those colors a little. It will help you find your perfect appearance. If your hair is fair, feel free to take the advantage of the inspiration displayed on the above picture.

Blonde Hair Wavy

Every blonde with long hair wants to look sharp and adorable. And there are many ways to grant you that wish. For example, you can transform your long hair into waves that will appear looking like fluffy feathers. Such type of hairdo automatically gives your hair more volume, making it larger, more noticeable, and thus, more emphasizing your style. Feel free to use for every type of event, or even during your daily chores.

Long Brunette Hair

Long hair is attractive, no matter its color. However, darker hair can be more mysterious and desirable. What’s more, if you decide to improve it further, you can turn it into curls, but not small and twisted like little spirals, only large and subtle, as pictured. This way you will gain extra hair volume that will raise your beauty to a whole new level. You can also use some highlights in order to improve your look even more.

Wavy Loose Curls

And yet another beautiful hairstyle for long and loosen hair. Hair like this can be made mainly by using good quality curling iron. Also remember that you hair should be well-cared and healthy. After you are done with making beautiful dense curls, you can sweep whole hair into the one side of your head making asymmetrical parting in the process. Hair should fall over your shoulder to give your hairstyle more feminine and classy appearance.

Long Wavy Hairstyle

Every woman with long hair likes to wear waves. Waves make our hair to look more opulent and little messy, which adds us extra charm and beauty. This hairstyle looks best on girls or women, who wear their hair down. What’s more, length of the hair should also be appropriate. Waves like those can be made with a help of curling iron or rollers, which must be left on our head for the entire night in order to enjoy perfectly done waves in the morning.