Burberry Hair Bow

Long hair has many options for fantabulous hairstyles. However, if we prefer to decorate our hair with accessories more than arranging fancy hairdos, we have something just for you. Model in the picture wears her hair long and tied at the back of the head. Whole hairstyle has been spiced up with beautiful Burberry Bow, which gives model more girlish appearance. It is a great hair ornament for little girls with long hair, but also for women, who like to feel from time to time like little princesses.

Intensive Balayage – Idea of An Every-Day Hairstyle for Long Hair

If you like to wear your hair loose, because this image suits you the most, and at the same time you want your hair to look very interesting – we will present you with an idea of ​​the change, which will completely refresh your look. Strong and intense balayage is not for everyone, but we hope that maybe even one of you is brave enough to get inspiration from our picture to color her hair just as intensively.

Chaotic Hairstyle Can Also Be Interesting and Beautiful



If we would sit on some crowded square, where hundreds of women passing by in every minute, the result would be like this: most of us wear their hair loose or made in a ponytail. We can see fewer girls wearing hairbands, not mention hairstyles that are more sophisticated than braids. Remember that the hairdo does not have to be sleek and perfectly made to look beautiful. You do not have to invest in millions of accessories and hair styling cosmetics, or spending half a day to create it; to make it interesting and attractive.




Monochrome Hair Color – New Idea?



If you are considering hair coloring using truly original color – red, blue, green or pink – it means you have to be a very brave person. Remember, it’s always easier to go back to the natural color (or dye your hair in a different color, more natural-looking), when your hair is monochromatic, which means – being kept in one color. If you allow yourself, for example, for colored highlights in different colors, it will be harder for you after a while to return to “normal” standard hair color.




Long Hair Has a Lot of Charm! – Everyday Hairstyle



Long hair can sometimes be a bit troublesome for us trouble – for example, we have to spend more time washing and grooming our hair. However, they have a lot of its natural charm that makes us have not to spend much time styling our hair to look good, because even loose hair looks great and feminine, when they are sufficiently long. On the above picture we present a natural and beautiful hairstyle.




Simple Hairstyles Are the Best?



Generally it is safe to say that the simpler hairstyle, the better for us. Firstly, because we do not have to spend a lot of time on its preparation and modeling; secondly, we are not feeling bad, when comes the time to say good bye to it (for example, party ends and we go to sleep; and in the morning our hair looks quite different). Simple hairstyles have often far more charm than those from the popular hairdressing magazines.




Very Long Hair – Sexy?

If we would ask men – statistically speaking of course, by conducting a survey – I’m sure most of them would answer the sexiest hair in women is very long. What’s more, a lot of women would have answered the same, and yet not all of us wear long hair. Long hair gives us many challenges every day, making hair being constantly on our minds. During winter, it is difficult to fasten our jacket without fastening our hair in the process. And in the summer, heat is mercilessly for us, making us wanting to get rid of our long hair. But in my opinion, it looks very sexy and very cool!

Colored Hair in Pastel Colors

Do you like the currently popular trend, which you can find in magazines and on many blogs devoted to beauty, fashion and hairdressing trends (those types of blogs are everywhere! Girls like to show what they like to wear)? Would you like to have something like this on your hair – colored strands in pastel shades? However, you do not want to dye your hair or your hair is dark and delicate pastel color could not be a great match? Solution is simple – purchasing synthetic hair extensions.

Simple Hairstyles – Always Chic?

If you are wondering whether simple hairstyles are always chic, just look at this picture and answer this question by yourself. One can overdo with almost everything: for example, when we prepare ourselves for the elegant party, and we decide on the dress that in some ways resembles a big sack of potatoes; in spite of simplicity, we will not look elegant whatsoever. Simple hairstyles can also not necessarily be well-match…

Hairstyle for Every Day and on Holidays – Fishtail Braid

Braids are back with a bang! The most fashionable are now probably braids, which are called fishtail braids, made with thin strands of hair. This hairstyle is a time devourer that requires form us little sacrifice, but the effect is really spectacular. You can create the classic braid at the back of the head, either before tying your hair into a ponytail, or on the side – as pictured. Hair may not necessarily be firmly fastened; it can fall down freely and then connect into a braid. This type of hairstyle is not only pretty, but also very comfortable.

Perfect Curls – Truth or Myth?

If you like to browse blogs related to fashion and beauty, you probably noticed that, when it comes to hair, the most desirable and most often appearing hairstyles are perfect curls. How do these women make these curls to look this perfect, and you are trying and trying to, and never it never goes like it should? The key to success is a good curling iron (one that not overheats itself after a few minutes) and good cosmetics for hair styling. If you invest a little bit and get a little bit practice, you can have curls like this girl in the picture!

How to Arrange Medium Length Hair?

If you have had your very long hair for a long time, and now, suddenly, you decide to cut it to the medium length; you can be a bit disappointed, because hair often will not arrange as it should be. This happens because your hair was accustomed to heavier weight and to certain arrangements. Now the freshly-trimmed hair ends can be turning inside out, because its weight is not there anymore. However, if we will use for a while a curling iron and simple styling cosmetics, such as hair-spray or mousse, the hair will eventually start to arrange just like you wanted.

Natural Curls for Every Occasion

If you have natural curls, you really have no reason to complain and envy ladies with naturally straight hair. Long curls can always look fantastic. They not necessarily have to be carefully separated, covered with wax or other cosmetic for hair styling. The times, when each lock had to be perfectly coiled, had probably gone forever. We can leave our natural curls just as they are and they will still be looking amazing. So, if you don’t have a will to create an updo, you can always wear your hair down.


Natural Curls – Everyday Hairstyle

If you have the chance to enjoy long hair, which every day is arranged in very simple way, you can, from time to time, change it. Today, we have different kinds of curling irons, which will quickly turn our straight hair into curls, not necessarily as wide and as twisted as in retro hairstyle. You have to only spend few minutes to achieve the effect, as pictured. You can also braid your hair at night into a thick braid, or for sleep comfort – in two braids, to replace your long straight hair with fine curls.