Ponytail for Work and School

Ponytails are probably the easiest types of hairstyle. We don’t need any professional hairdressing skills or tons of hair cosmetics to arrange this hairdo. All we need is a rubber band for hair and few free minutes of our precious time, and that’s it. This type of ponytail has been tied in the lower back of the head, making the top to look like it has more volume. In addition, long bangs have been swept on the side reaching model’s ear.

Sleek Hair Every Day – Updo With Bow

Not so long ago, various accessories and add-ons in form of bows, hair bands and clips with bows, bracelets and pendants, earrings and brooches; have entered into the world of fashion. There are so many of them, I can’t even count them all. In addition, bow-like looking hairstyles have also recently appeared. How to make this kind of a hairstyle? I think this is rather a rhetorical question, and each of us can quickly guess how. So, we will not describe it in here. However, we have decided to gladly show you a perfect picture of a very well-made and also very elegant hairstyle!

A Simple and Original Hairstyle for Every Day – Long Length Hair & Medium Length Hair

We do not always have the time for making intricate hairstyles involving complicated pinning, but we want to look original and different than usual. In case of buns, plain ponies or even slightly chaotic pinning, there is very cool and quick idea to upgrade our hairstyle. What is the secret? Braids, of course! Put them on the sides, like it has been shown on the above picture. Braids do not have to be identical. We can just separate a strand of hair and weave the braid. Final step is to tie the hair up or fasten them in the back. Combining them with loose hair will grant us a very elegant look.

Quick Idea to Create A Nice and Comfortable Hairstyle for Schoolgirls



Moms, who have their pretty little girls, know perfectly well the famous words: “Mom, make me a nice haircut, please!” Children also see what is aesthetic and what is not. And what’s more, they pay attention to the details even more than we do. Above image presents a simple haircut, which will be very comfortable for a girl during her whole day at school. First, we’re tying the hair into two symmetrical ponies, and then we intertwine them like on the photo. All we need are two rubber bands and a comb, and we can make fast and easy hairstyle, very comfortable for little girls.




Hairstyle for School and Work: Braid

Most of us link braids only with little girls’ hairstyles, while in the meantime, an adult woman can also look great in this type of hairdo. So, what is the secret? The secret is whole styling, of course. We will be looking quite ordinary with braid while dressed in pajamas, with no makeup and no jewelry. However, just picture yourself with the makeup on, wearing a breathtaking cocktail dress – plus, adding braid to it will make us look glamorous elegant. In this case, the braid will be as perfect for the woman in her 30s as for the 20 year old girl.

Everyday Hairstyle – How to Decorate Your Hair?

If you think that your hair is always boring, still look the same, and you do not have the time for sophisticated updos or the patience to do curls; simply put some ornaments in your hair. It is not as time-consuming process as you may think. You may use detailed slides, headbands (for example, with flowers, like this in the above picture) or other kinds of pins and gadgets that will revitalize your boring, everyday hairstyle.

Chaotic Updo – Fashionable Hairstyle



Back in the day it would be unthinkable to go out with this mess-of-a-hair that we can see on the picture. Most of us would not even go out to get some freshly baked goods from the nearby bakery in the morning. Today, however, this kind of mess is considering being a style! We just love hairstyles that look as if we had just got up from the bed. But this chaotic and sensible hairstyle often needs from us more time to create it than making traditional and simple bun.




Long Hair Every Day – A Simple Way of Decoration



These kinds of hairstyles are beginning to appear on a variety of websites and blogs about style and fashion, constantly growing with popularity. This type of hairstyle, in our opinion, is one of the best ideas, when it comes to styling our long hair. Girls, who feel best when they wear their hair down, thanks to such a gentle “styling treatment”, can give their hairdo an original look, without sacrificing the loose hair. It is a hair decoration made ​​from our own hairJ.




Girly Hair Every Day – Face Decorating Pigtail



Hairstyle like this is a great solution, if we want to optically get rid of our bangs. Sometimes it bothers us, especially during summer, and it also unnecessarily warms our forehead. If we braid it into a braid along with long hair, we will get rid of this unwanted aspect. It’s a cool idea for a hairstyle to school, to work, and even for the night out. What’s more, if we will further decorate our hair with some interesting additions, it may even be a successful wedding hairstyle.




Hairstyle for a Schoolgirl



If your little daughter likes to dress up and likes to look different, especially, if she sees such habits in you; simply let her from time to time to have tons of fun. What’s more, you should even help her with that! Little girls love to comb their hair and try on makeup when mother is not watching. They like to dress up and walking on the carpet like a model on the catwalk. So, when daughter asks you to make her fabulous hairstyles for school, you should sometimes say “Sure, honey!”, and play together in hairdressing salon!




Hairstyle for Schoolgirl – Nice Updo

To perform this kind of hairstyle, we used soft silicone hair bands, which at first glance make other people not to see them in our hair. Of course you can replace them with colorful rubber hair bands decorated with interesting embellishments. You should also remember that your child will always be happier with comfortable hairstyle that will not interfere with child’s daily frolics and fun. That’s why, for little girls, comfortable hairdos without tight and strong updos are the best possible choice.

Straight Hair Every Day – Perfect for School



The simplest and most classic hairdo in the world that probably has the largest number of its different forms – the ponytail. Braid not only can look elegant and classy when is sophisticatedly made, but it can also present itself with grace and beauty when is made in the simplest way. It is the second solution that we are presenting in the attached photo. Braid looks really great – and it is a good way for everyday hairdo, for example, to school, but also for the crazy night at the party.




Everyday Hairstyle for Schoolgirls


If your daughter has a medium-length hair, you have a little less creative options, when it comes to coming up with fancy hairstyles. However, if you want it you can make it. It is always possible to conjure something up. On the picture you can see a hairstyle, for which you will only need a comb and a few – preferably narrow – rubber bands for hair. They can be color-matched to the color of your daughter’s hair or they can be in contrast with it.




Everyday Hairstyle for Schoolgirls



Little girls, who wear long hair, do not feel that their hairdo is sometimes bothering them, unlike women with the same type of hair. Girls can have crazy fun all day long, even during summer heats, and their loose long hair loose not disturb them at all. However, if your daughter likes to have her hair pinned, I suggest you look use our example and make her a fancy pony. We tie the hair, and then divide it into two parts. Each part must be twisted, and then we weave together both of these parts making something that looks like rope. Finally, we put a rubber band for hair, and done!




Everyday Hairstyle for Little Girls



When your daughter is constantly asking you to conjure her some fancy hairdo, it does not necessarily mean that you have to devote to this entire morning time, before you finish with the hairstyle and escort her to school. Just look for little girls’ hairstyles, even here, presented on our website. And you will see that some of them are really simple and quick to make, and yet they look spectacular.




A Simple Bun Can Be Charming Too – Hairstyle for School



If you think that the bun is a type of hairstyle reserved only for women in their sixties, or for some elegant event with expensive champagne and fancy outfits; then you are wrong. Bun can look great in combination with any type of styling, not only the unique ones but also for every day. In the picture you can see an example of a bun, which is ideally suited for a party as well as for school, or any other place for that matter. You just need to properly decorate it.




High Bun Perfect for Work, for School, for the Summer!

Summer is the time, when we like to brag about our beauty, especially our hair, nails, and fashion. But sometimes during summer, when the heats are unbearable, we simply can’t go outside while having our long loose hair. They are warming us up more effectively than the Hell itself! That’s why we want to have them highly pinned to grant ourselves some cool air on our neck. In the picture you can see a simple bun, perfect for any occasion!

Hairstyle to Work and to School – Polite Hairdo!

Looking for ideas for politely hairstyle to work or to school? Do you have long hair? If so, we are dropping you a swell idea of this kind of hairstyle, which will definitely turn around more than one pair of eyes. Above photos will help you step-by-step on how to make a hairstyle that is simple and no one will have any problems with its creation. Hairstyle that is suitable for girls to school as well as for adult working women.

Hairstyle for Schoolgirls – Braid Headband



An idea of everyday hairstyle that is not only simple, but also interesting. A hairstyle that is great for girls to school or during holiday trips. Hair was braided in a braid. On the girl’s head we can see a denim wide hairband, with strings of clothing sticking out in the back. These strings have been woven into a braid making hairstyle to look very original. Color of the hairband plays a role of the ornament for a blond hair.




Everyday Hairstyle – Easy Updo for Long and Medium Length Hair



The idea from ​​the pictures you can use anyway you like it. It is a well-suited haircut to school, for a party, and on New Year’s Eve ball. It all depends only on your taste. This type of hair makes us feel comfortable, and at the same time everyone can see how long our hair is. If anything will slip, move or shift; we can always quickly loosen up our hair and it will be still looking good.