Short Hair with an Extremely Long Bangs

Women, who decide to cut their hair short, usually do it for two reasons. First, we believe that it’s a nice and fresh look for us. The second reason – we tend to think that short hair equals less trouble. However, contrary to what it may seem, short cuts with long bangs, often require more modeling than hair of long or medium length. After all, we can’t arrange them in a ponytail.

Medium Length Hairstyle + Very Long Bangs



Since recently, for every girl, who wanted to hide her fairly high forehead, the only rescue was in classic length bangs, fade or straight. Today, we often focus on a different solution: we keep bangs very long while brushing hair in a characteristic way. Hair parting is not located in the middle of our head, but firmly on the side, as it is shown on the picture. This way, long bangs covers up our forehead, but the hairstyle is not reminding us of a little girl’s look anymore.




Asymmetrical Hairstyle with Long Bangs

Long hairstyles with bangs, which are much shorter in the back, are suitable for each of us; for each type of beauty and for women of all ages. Long asymmetrical bangs allow us to style our hair in many ways. We do not always have to wear hair straight or combed onto one side. With the long bangs we can do the curls, plus, we can arrange our hair anyway we want to.

Short Hair with Long Bangs

If you have medium length hair or long hair, and you would like to change your hairstyle to shorter one, think about leaving little bit longer bangs. You will always have the possibility to shorten it further. Besides, leaving your bangs as it is, will make your face does not change too “drastically”, if you’ll cut your hair short. Longer bangs also provide more opportunities for styling our hair.

Long Bangs – Always Looks Good?

Long bangs usually choose women, who have a relatively high forehead, because long bangs can conceal it. Remember, however, that in case of rather broad and round face, straight bangs will make our forehead shorter, but it also add to our face extra pounds, optically speaking of course. So it is good to choose bangs in shaded versions – one that will be combed to the side of our face. Then the whole will be presenting itself much better.

Long Hair & Long Straight Bangs



Simple bangs or long bangs, or both for that matter, should only be chosen by women with strong and distinct facial features. Face would match to the haircut like that should have an expressive shape. With round face, bangs can visually add extra pounds to us, and most of us are never happy with situation like that. Straight bangs that run straight with the line of our eyebrows can be a bit tedious… because such bangs are tamed very difficult, when we want to hide it, or brush away to the side.




Short Hair with Long Bangs



Women and girls with long hair or medium length hair, who decide to cut their hair short, should rethink this decision at least a couple of times. Better safe than sorry. If you have been wearing long hair your entire life, then short hair, even if it is really well-suited to your face, might be a little bit scare and feel weird. For the first cut we recommend to leave long and layered bangs, like in the picture. It will allow us to get used to the change in length of our precious hair.




Straight Long Hair + Straight Bangs

If you are wearing your loose hair every day, and it constantly rearranges by itself, then for the evening hairstyle you can choose straight hair, but the kind of straight hair that can be arranged perfectly and with a precision. For example, bangs looks totally different, when is completely straight, and when we allow it to arrange by itself.

Hairstyle with Long Bangs

Hairstyles with long bangs are great not only for women, who think that their forehead is too high and need to be optically shortened for the whole face to take on a perfect shape. Long bangs can be adapted to any face and give more charm to our hair and our face. Remember, however, to always think through the idea of bangs, because it takes time to grow it back. Bangs is perfect only when our hair arrange naturally by itself, because if not, we will have to fix our bangs even a few times.

Long Bangs and Extremely Light Blonde

Extremely bright blond hair is not only suited for women, who are blondes by nature. Sometimes nature tricks us and gives us color of our hair, which is not necessarily the best fit for our beauty. If you want to see what hair color will suit you best, you can reach for help to virtual stylists… or you can check for yourself whether this particular color will suit you, by manipulating your photograph. The same applies to haircuts. You can try to convert your photo, for example, using applications available on many websites, which will show you how you will look, for example, in the long bangs.


Medium Length Hair & Long Bangs

Long bangs have always been and will always be fashionable. It’s an interesting idea for a hairstyle that works in several different versions. You can wear long bangs in a straight version. We can tweak its ends to the inside or the outside. We should comb our long bangs so that it was located behind the ear, and not fall on our face. Medium length hair can be worn – like a long hair – in many different variants; in hair worn down or pin it up in an interesting and original way.


Straight Bangs and Curls

If you have such long hair as the girl in the picture, you’re a real lucky girl. It gives you a whole lot of amazing ideas for hairstyles. In the picture we can see perfectly executed curls, and as perfectly executed straight bangs. Do straight bangs match wide curls? Yes, but only if we have thin and narrow face. In case of round face, curls visually add us some extra pounds, just as bangs, especially, one that is long, straight and shaded at the ends. However, if your face is slim, you can wear this type of hairstyle with pride and joy.


Short Hair & Feisty Bangs

Rihanna likes to change her hairstyles. And even a person, who is not that interested in her music, but casually browses through the websites or watches TV, cannot help but notice that this artist has changing her hairstyles quicker than her socks. Most of us, however, like to watch and spy on new hairdressing trends presented by celebrities. On the picture you can see a proposal for short-haired ladies: feisty, long and layered bangs.


Short Hair with Long Bangs

Short hair with long bangs that reaches almost our mouth is a cool solution for a short cut for women with a slim face, but not only. Although, blond adds us some pounds, from the optical point of view, longer bangs makes our face thinner-looking. If you want to pamper yourself this hairstyle, it’s best if you have straight hair by nature, because otherwise, bangs will be requiring daily straightening or using styling other treatments to give our face simpler shape.


Medium Length Hair + Very Long Bangs

Long bangs very often fall into our eyes and cover our field of view. However, long bangs after proper styling looks nice and it does not bothering us. In the picture we can see a woman with medium length hair and long bangs, falling on her eyes and reaching her eyebrow line. If our hair is arranged on one side, or there’s a parting in the middle of our head and hair fall symmetrically on the sides; it does not hinder us from seeing the world, and the hair look elegant and nice.