Braided Around Crown

Who didn’t have childhood dream of becoming a princess of large and majestic castle while wearing crown on the head? Well, today we try to grant you at least one of those wishes. If your hair is long and you are opting for something more unique, we’ve got just the right thing for you. This crown on the top of the head has been made with braided hair only, which beautifully wraps the head around, making on its top simply astonishing structure.

Funky Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

Today, we are opening our bag with the most original and unique hairdos, and we reach deep inside of it. And the winner is – braided ponytail that you will definitely have very hard time to spot while walking down the street or even by going to some elegant parties. Personally, I have no slightest idea how to make this type of hairdo. Nonetheless, is very chic and rare, and if you wear your hair long, then trying this hairdo is a must.

Long Blonde Braid

And now, we have something for everyone, whose hair is as long as it can be. In order to execute this hairstyle on the above image, we must have very long hair, and preferably blonde, too. Hairdo is quite simple, because it is a braid. However, time to arrange it will be slightly longer than in case of the long hair. But our efforts will be much appreciated, when we will finish arranging our braid and see the finished hairstyle.

Sailors Knot Braid

Braids are very popular amongst women, who like to wear their hair long. There are numbers of varieties of the braids, and every one of them highlights our beauty. One of the best looking and easiest to create braids is sailors knot braid swept on the side. It looks very attractive, and it can be used during celebrations, parties, and even for everyday wear; for work and school.

Fishtail Braid – Very Long Hair

Girls, who grow their hair for years to be as long as it possible can, know very well that such hair has just as many advantages as flaws. But there is no more stunning looking hairstyle like this made with very, and I mean very long hair. Can you imagine how long it takes to make a fishtail braid out of it? However, the final result is often breathtaking, and the appearance of the hair itself is like no other in the world.

Long Hairstyles – Braid and Bow

One of the most popular hairstyles for women, who love to wear their hair long, is traditional braid. You can easily make it inside your own home, and you don’t need some professional hairdressing skills, either. Braid at the back of the head presents itself very feminine and subtle. It highlights our beauty, especially; when it is decorated with some fine hair ornaments, like for example a beautiful white bow, which you can acquire in every store with hair accessories.

Elegant and Original Long Hair Braid

Braid’s an unusually comfortable and versatile hairstyle, because they look great with medium and long hair, owned by a woman of any age. An interesting look for an original braid can be found in the photo attached to the post. The braid has been tied loosely, to ensure comfort and uncommon look. It looks great on model’s shaded blond hair.

5 Strand Dutch Braid

Braids can be very easy to make, especially those traditional ones that are made with only three strands of hair. Other, more complicated braids, however, are not so simple. For example, 5-strand Dutch braid requires some good hairstyling in order to get it right and perfect. Professional hair salons can offer you such services, and they will also make sure, the hairstyle will not fall apart after a short usage.

Long Dutch Braid

Long Dutch braid is characterized by its wide and thick appearance. If we have some braiding skills, it shouldn’t be a problem for us to arrange it. Long and precisely made braid is the calling card of our style. It highlights our beauty and class, keeps our hair from disturbing us, protects us from extra heat during summer, and is also beautiful and lasting hairstyle. So if you opt for the braid, French fishtail is probably your best fit.

Pretty Snake Braid

Snake braid maybe look great but is really hard to make. The best way is to use hairdressing services, but in professional salon and not in the barber shop. This type of hairdo looks very unique and intriguing. Long hair that is down is combined with the braid in such way, which reminds a snake that is lying on the grass. This hairstyle, after being made, should be treated with some hairstyle cosmetics for the hairdo not to fall apart in the short amount of time.

Everyday Hairstyle – Long Hair Gives a Lot of Possibilities!



If you have long hair, and rarely do something with it, meaning – you rarely decide to create a hairstyle other than dissolved hair or a ponytail hair; try to change it from time to time. See that even a simple braid can look unique, and it not necessarily has to be braided very tight or arranged like in a little girl from primary school. Long hair gives us a lot of options when it comes to hairstyles. And not all of these options consume a lot of time. Plus, most of these hairstyles have original and interesting look.




Colorful Hair Dyes – Pink Hair

Recently, in many countries in the world, a specific trend on hair dyeing is getting more and more popular every single day.  Those hair colors are very vivid and intense, and include: pink, green and blue. It’s a very original matter. However, if you have decided on not to use it, because you are afraid that you’ll have to walk with your pink hair for many months, you don’t have to worry anymore. You can try distinctive original colors in washable version, for example, in the form of mousses and shampoos for semi-permanent hair coloring.

Everyday Hairstyle – Beautiful Braid

Most of us, simply, do not have time each morning to treat ourselves with an interesting and sophisticated hairdo. We always want to look perfect, so no half-measures are taking under consideration in here; either we do our hairstyle perfectly from first minute to last, or we prefer to bet on hair that are loose or tied into a pony hair. If you have long hair, and from time to time you can spare more free time; try the beautiful hairstyle in the pictures. It is a plain and classic fishtail braid, but braided with very thin strands of hair – that’s why it looks so special! Hairstyle is holding up very long, and even if some strands of will get loose, the whole will still be looking beautiful and natural.

Long Hair and Braid to the Side

If you have very long hair, you also have a lot of opportunities to perform hair for every day, as well as for the important night out. The idea in ​​the photo will check perfectly, especially on warm days, when hair sometimes drives us crazy. Hairstyle is comfortable, so we can wear it for school and even do sports, and the hair will not disturb us. We can also add some elegant touches in the form of hairpins to use this hairstyle for evening out.