Long Curls + Hair Bow

Until recently, hairstyles for women with long hair that were the most popular for various celebrations were tight buns sealed with hairspray. Today, at weddings or important family gatherings, we tend to choose more natural-looking hairstyles. An example of such hairdos for long hair can be found in the picture: the hair is loose, full of curls – while a hairpin with a bow is the only extra decoration.

Large Curls and Pinned Bangs – Long Hair

This particular hairstyle is most interesting for women with bangs, or shaded front hair strands. In case you need to “get rid of” your bangs, you can pin it the way the picture instructs. Such pinning of bangs looks best when the rest of the hair has lots of volume. Your best bet here would be big curls or waves, raised upwards from the base of the head. Cool idea for a hairstyle for all hair colors.

Strong Colors for Long Hair – Loose Curls

When we take a look at the included picture, the first thing that strikes us, as far as hairdo is concerned, is the hair color – dark purple, most popular among women in the USA and Japan. Last summer, colorful hair was a really big hit. Dark hair looks amazing when it’s worn down with evenly arranged curls mid-length down, as the image shows.

Perfect Combo – Braid & Curls

Long hair looks amazing almost every time. No matter if the hairstyle is perfectly executed, or it’s a little bit messy, or even is dyed with some intensive color – long hair is really hard to make to look unattractive. Braid with the combination of large and soft curls that fall freely on our back, is really the hairstyle, which every woman with long hair should opt for.

Long Aesthetic Curls – Every Day Style?



Long curls, made by using real hair curlers, metal or ceramic ones (not made from plastic!); always provide us with spectacular look. Regardless of whether curls were made over the entire length of the hair or only at the ends, they look really fantastic. In this picture we can see the second option – curls made at the ends of the hair. It’s a nice way to have long hair hairstyle every day, but only for women, who have enough patience for curlers.


Crazy Hair Color – Deep Blue

Some of us have no fear whatsoever to grant themselves crazy and intense colors applied in our hair – even as genuine as the one in the picture. However, even if you are not afraid of this type of coloring and you are determined to dye your hair in a crazy way, you should select your hair dye very carefully. You need to choose one that will not cause allergic reactions, and of a good quality, too. It should be product that can be uniformly applied to our hair, and which will evenly cover our hair with a color. There is no need to save hair dye, especially, if we’re opting for such a strong color!

The Idea for Long Hair – Curls!



Every girl and every woman, who loves to wear loose hair every day, or for important occasions and parties, should equip herself with a professional curling iron. Professional does not necessarily mean expensive. The best curling irons are made ​​of ceramic material or metal. This product works best for curling, especially in comparison with the ones made of a cheap plastic. Hairstyle does not have to be all modeled up in curls, like in this picture. However, sometimes it is worth spending time to curl up the hair ends or to shape our hair with curling iron. In this way our hairstyle won’t be looking the same all the time.


Celebrity Hairstyles – Not Always Breathtaking: Beyonce Knowles



We sometimes think that celebrities along with millions of dollars in their accounts have around them legions of wonderful stylists and professionals. Therefore, they just cannot look bad, especially, when they are going to an important event, where will surely be a lot of journalists and photographers. But if you just look at the above picture of world-famous performer – Beyonce Knowles – you will see that sometimes even great stylists and famous movie stars make mistakes…


Elegant Curls on Long Hair – How to Make Them More Durable?



I’ll bet that more than one of you, who have her long hair, had certainly tried, at least once, to make for yourself perfect curls – and it did not work out as planned. Or maybe hairstyle just fell apart too quickly. The keys to success are two. First is a good curling iron, and second one, good quality styling cosmetics. At the beginning it is always best to use a rubber band for hair, which will keep our curls together while removing strand of curled hair from our curling iron. Then, once all curls are done, we should use a hairspray.




Gentle Curls that Last Long



If you belong to group of women, who like to keep track of everything that is happening on blogs and websites devoted to feminine fashion and beauty, I’m sure you noticed a certain relationship: girls, who are popular and who spent whole hours in front of the mirror, always look perfectly. This includes hair also. For example, you should know that to curl our beautiful long hair in that way, we will need only a good quality curling iron.




Very Long Hair with Curls – How to Make Them?

Very long hair owners certainly know very well, what is like, when trying to conjure up some thick curls. Using cheap rollers from the store, we must reckon with the fact that curls will be difficult to unravel and they can be destroyed by it. Cheap curling irons can’t grant us impressive effects, either. They very often overheat before we are able to finish the whole hairstyle. If you want to wear curls every day, you have to invest in a good curling iron, which is a guarantee of a successful haircut.




Everyday Hairstyle – Long Curls

Each fashion and beauty blogs’ fan knows that one of the most frequent motives, when it comes to women’s hairstyles, are the traditional curls. Women like to play with their hair, having fun with the curling iron during the whole morning. How is it they always look perfect at their pictures, but when we decide on making the curls, we always have a problem with that? Firstly, use good cosmetics for hair styling, dedicated to just such treatments. Secondly, use cosmetics that have durable properties for your long hair to look good. Thirdly, well, you have to be patient and practice!

Wedding Hairstyle – Decorations!

You are perfectly aware of the hair worn down makes you feel really comfy. You do not like tight updos and buns, which you think are unnatural. And while you are getting ready for the wedding, you consider your hairstyle to look original and elegant, but only with the hair worn down, right? Therefore, great idea for you is choosing some accessories that can be used to decorate your loose hair, such as hair-barrettes, rubber bands for hair, artificial flowers, and many more. It all depends on your taste!

Classic Curls Every Day

We usually do not have time to every day arrange our hair in complicated updos or arrange it so that it looked like in the fashion magazine. We can, however, find our own, proven ways for hairstyles that are sleek, chic and easy to create. For example, if you look good in classic curls, such as those in the photo, the key to success is choosing the right curling iron, which is a quick way to lay out your hair the way you want it to be. Adjust the appropriate cosmetics for styling, which will strengthen your hairstyle. This way you do not have to fear that it will not survive the whole day at school or at work.


Wedding Hairstyle: Curls Sprinkled with Silver

Wedding hairstyle does not always have to be a strict updo that we create, for example, in the form of a large bun. Strict updo represents a hairstyle that fits tightly to our head and is pinned by dozens of clips and inserts. You can decide on loose curls at the back of the head, which will be styled and fixed using suitable to cosmetics. You can also choose cool ornaments in your desired color, such as gold or silver that will fit any color of your dress and accessories.


Hairstyles for Long Hair – Fluffy Curls

Even if your hair does not have a large volume, you can add it to your hairstyle by arranging quite thick curls. To make them, we use the standard curling iron with a large head, or the hairstyler, which can also arrange the hairstyle. What’s more, if you properly stabilize your curls using hair spray, your hairstyle will last longer stick and the added volume will not disappear as quickly. It’s a cool styling, especially for women, who have very long hair, straight by nature.


Long Black Curls – Dita Von Teese

Do you like retro hairstyles? See how beautiful Dita Von Teese looks on the above photo – she simply loves retro styling. Her curls look very soft and delicate, they are shiny and glossy. At the same time haircut looks very durable. We need a lot of practice to learn how to arrange long hair in such a way, but practice makes the perfection. Of course, the key importance here is also the color: the darker shade of hair is, the more impressive retro hairstyle, especially for men.


Celebrity Hairstyles: Beyonce Knowles – Long Hair

In this picture, Beyonce looks as if her hair was made of cotton candy! Her hairstyle is so delicate and looks so soft; we simply have the urge to hug it. Unfortunately, we cannot always achieve this kind of effect, when we decide on the long curls. Hair must be extremely healthy, shiny and glossy in nature. Specific styling agents give the hair more power, but the natural radiant, however, cannot be replaced. If you dream of hair like Beyonce’s, you have to devote to it every bit of care and attention.