Long Hair and Curls – Hairstyle for a Party

If you are looking for an idea for a hairstyle for a party, you do not need necessarily to decide on the complex pinning. You might as well put on loose hair that you can transform into large and elegant curls. To make curls, you do not have to use rollers – you might as well use a curling iron. Long hair plus big curls always look elegant, because the curls add volume to your hair.

Very Long Hair – Natural Curls!

You have very long hair, which by nature is simple? Would you like to occasionally treat yourself to natural-looking curls, but do not have time for this, because arranging hair this long, even with the best curling iron, takes you more than half an hour? See a simple way on how you can get curls without the use of curling iron. All you need is your hair to be slightly damp, preferably treated earlier with the foam. You should tie it into small buns as pictured. Just a few, not more. If you make them high on the head, you can even sleep in them, because you will not be disturbed in any way and they will not hurt you. After untying them, curls will be the same. Look, what kind of effect you can get!

Long Hair – Everyday Hairstyle and More!

Hairstyle like in the picture, with emphasis on delicate curls and a simple weave at the top of the head is ideally suited for everyday wear as well as during special occasion. Not all of us like to wake up every morning to arrange their hair in fancy pinning. However, for some of us this morning fun with our hair is a wonderful way to start our day. If you like to style your hair every day, this hairstyle is perfect for you, because the effect is really interesting, and the creation will take you very little time. All you need is a curling iron or hair clip and rubber band to hold your hair in desired position.

Hairstyle for Long Hair – Many Colors

If you have long straight hair, one of the best ways to make it original and beautiful, is to decide on professionally made soft curls. Size of the curls depends on the length of your hair. We can create them by holding on our head rollers with correct diameter, or simply turn on a traditional curling iron. Thanks to the curling iron, the result can be achieved much faster. Let us remember that curls should always be fixed with hairspray or made with hair that has been earlier covered with hair styling mousse.


Thick and Dense Curls – Long Hair

Do you have long hair and you are wondering about how to give it more volume to look like in case of the woman in the picture? Is it possible, if our hair is thin and seemingly without volume? With long hair, even thin and seemingly frail, we can achieve this kind of effect. The best way to give your hair an extra volume is to decide on large, wide and thick curls. They will make your hair to look fluffier, healthier and very dense. To create those curls you don’t need to use a hairspray. Today, there are much gentler cosmetics for hair styling that you can buy.


Long Curls – Ends in Ombre Style

Long curls have always been, are, and will be fashionable, because they are feminine and beautiful. One of the latest trends in hairdressing in the current seasons is the ends of our hair dyed ombre style. The whole hair is covered with a darker color, or with a natural one, while hair ends are treated with a brighter color, just as pictured. Hair dyed ombre style looks particularly good in case of blonde women, who have very long hair.

Hairstyles for Long Hair – Fluffy Curls

Even if your hair does not have a large volume, you can add it to your hairstyle by arranging quite thick curls. To make them, we use the standard curling iron with a large head, or the hairstyler, which can also arrange the hairstyle. What’s more, if you properly stabilize your curls using hair spray, your hairstyle will last longer stick and the added volume will not disappear as quickly. It’s a cool styling, especially for women, who have very long hair, straight by nature.


Hairstyles for Kids – Girls and Long Hair

Children’s hair has a unique charm and beauty. What’s more, it is soft, delicate and looks one hundred percent healthy – as if the hair never broke or the hair ends never split. Long hair worn by little girls looks very natural, thanks to its healthy appearance. Little girl will certainly not be dyeing her hair or use a hair spray, therefore, the hair is able to retain its natural and healthy look for a long time.

Hairstyle for Girls – Curls

When you go out with your daughter on some important celebration or preparing for another occasion like school party, trip to the amusement park, or any other event, during which your daughter wants to look special; you can easily decide on a very simple hairstyle, if her hair is long or medium. This simple hairstyle is curls. Besides, you can later slide a headband that resembles a crown, or some colorful clips that will give girl’s hairdo more originality.


Hairstyle for Long Hair in Every Color

If you have long straight hair, one of the best ways to make it look original and beautiful, are professionally made, soft curls. Thickness of the curls should depend on the length of your hair. We can create them by holding for a while rollers of the correct diameter, or by using the traditional curling iron. Thanks to our hot stick, results can be achieved much faster. Remember, however, that curls should always be fixed with hairspray or performed on hair that was earlier treated with hair styling mousse.