Pink and Orange Hair Colors

Do you like to dye your long hair and experiment with different types of colors in order to find the best possible look? If your creativity is not too wide, then try to look through the Internet, where you can find many colorful inspirations, starting from this post. On the picture, you can see the girl wearing black long hair with few colorful touches; pink and orange to be exact. You can even curl your hair in order to gain more sophisticated style.

Lovely Long Hair with Braid Wrapped Around

Braids can not only be used as a main hairdo that you can weave in many different ways. You can also use this braid as a decoration of your long and loosened hair. Simply, divide few strands of your hair and execute a braid with them. After the braid is finished, you can wrap it around your head like a halo. In addition, you can twist your hair a little leaving it in a bit messy structure. Hairdo can be used at daily basis, but with a braid it can also be the brightest guest during some important and classy events.

Long Hair with Color

Dyed hair is nothing new in today’s fashion. However, it is still very popular and widely used. Mostly, because dyed hair looks really great, of course, if the color is well-matched to the type of our beauty and our hair. It will not hurt to experiment with those colors a little. It will help you find your perfect appearance. If your hair is fair, feel free to take the advantage of the inspiration displayed on the above picture.