Messy Loosely Pinned

Do you like to follow the world of fashion, trying every new solution for your hair? If so, then we have something you probably never tried before. And if you did, it won’t hurt to try it again. Try to transform your long and seductive hair into nicely-looking curls. This was the step one. The second step is to pin your hair at the back but in a bit of a messy way. This ‘transitional’ hairdo can be then used not only for every day wear but also for more elegant events.

Messy Updo Tutorial

You like updos but you can’t figure out how to arrange them? Well, the above tutorial will definitely help you with this problem. Here you can watch step-by-step how to create perfect trendy updo. And by ‘trendy’, I mean ‘messy’ of course. Hairdos with little mess in them are very popular recently, even amongst mature women. Such hairstyles are relatively easy and quick to arrange, and what’s more, they are presenting really, really well.

Messy with Sleeves

Messy hairstyles are a recent hit, and every woman decides on this hairdo in a blink of an eye – probably, because it is not only trendy but also very attractive and quite comfy. Besides it doesn’t take long to arrange it, especially if the messy hairdo is being made with long and loosened hair. In addition, match it with your outfit, like on the image, and you will gain a very trendy but yet very adorable style.

Wavy, Messy + Pop of Pink

Long hair needs to be spoiled with different types of hairdos; otherwise we can be bored by it in a matter of weeks or even days. Try to combine few types of hairdos together, forming quite charming or spectacular creations. For example, if you like your long hair to be undone, then decide on waves. After that, introduce to them some more unique aspects, like making not only wavy but also messy hairstyle on your head. For the final step, use a touch of pink, and you are good to go and party.

Messy Ponytail with a Braid

Do you like to wear long hair and simple hairdos that go with it? Then, look up, and you will see one of the simplest and at the same time prettiest hairdos for the long hair. In order to make it a bit fancier-looking, you should add to the traditional ponytail a tasteful braid that will make your hair to simply look better. It’s an easy hairdo with a very nice touch, and it will be a great choice for many occasions.

Messy Updo Hairstyle

Want to treat yourself a nice looking updo and you have no idea what to choose? Then, we present you one that will surely have your attention. This messy updo in the picture will grant you not only the appearance you are looking for, but will also make your current style to follow the recent fashion. Hairstyle can be prepared in quite easy way. And remember to tug some strands out of the updo in order to gain desirable messy look.

Wavy and Messy + Pop of Pink

Since recently, messy hairstyles have been reigning in the hairdressing world of fashion with steady hand. Many young girls and even some women often decide to make a bit mess of their appearance, especially, when it comes to arranging hairstyles. Long hair turned into messy waves can be a peak of attractiveness if properly executed. And what’s more, you can even put some pink accents to spice up the final effect.

Messy Ponytail

Now, we will make a little mess – a mess on our heads. Long hair knows perfectly what a ponytail is. Such hairdo is often chosen by us, when we are in hurry, or when we don’t feel like creating some fancy hairdos on our head. But keep in mind that while deciding on this simple hairstyle you can make it trendier by giving it a little bit of messy look. Simply, tug some thin strands out of your hairdo and leave them to hang freely. This way, you will achieve a whole new old look.

Messy Updo Liquid Eyeliner

Hairstyle we are making for ourselves in the morning before we go to work, or for some exclusive celebration, like wedding reception, should not only makes us to look gorgeous and comfy, but it also must be well-matched to the other parts of our image. I’m talking about the dress, the shoes, the accessories, and of course the makeup. On the picture, you can see a messy, now trending worldwide, hairstyle that has been properly matched to the model’s outliner, making her really standing out.

Messy Fishtail Braid Half-up

Every woman is looking for amazing hairstyle that improves their appearance. Today, we have for you a sort of hybrid hairstyle that was made with few different types of hairstyles mixed together. It is a half-up with fishtail braid that looks quite unique and very attractive. What’s more, the hole hairdo has been made in messy-style, in order to look more trendy and little bit feisty, too. You can wear it wherever you go, no matter what’s the occasion.

Messy Braid and Ponytail

We are presenting another of so-called messy hairstyles, where the main aspect is to always leave a little bit of mess on your head. This time is a messy braid, wrapping around our head like a crown. In the back, hair has been tied into a ponytail that accentuates the whole hairdo. It’s a very trendy style today, that’s why you don’t need to think much about this, only try it. Once your hairstyle will be finished, you will feel a pleasant feeling of your refreshed look.

Messy Knotted Updo Collage

Many of us love to look for new hairstyles and would also love to wear it by ourselves. However, sometimes we do not fully know how to arrange particular hairdo. Fortunately, there are many guidelines and step-by-step instructions on how to perform different kinds of hairstyle. And one of such guides we are placing today in the above picture. It’s a messy knotted updo that you will now have detailed knowledge on how to execute it properly.

Messy Top Knot

Hairstyles with messy top can be done out of updos, buns and knots, which are perfect for creating them high, on the top of our head. We can do it very fast; hence those hairstyles are perfect for quickly arranging them in the morning, not wasting large amounts of our precious time. Messy top knot is one of these hairstyles. You can admire it on the picture in all its glory or you can take matters in your hands and grant yourself such messy hairstyle.

Messy Braid and Ponytail

Messy hairstyles are today quite popular. It is trendy to look like you have just waked up. Besides, messy hairstyle can be a mix of few different types; like for example, combining together braid and ponytail. Hairstyle like this looks very attractive, and you can party with it until the last breath, because even if something will shift or fall apart, it won’t be so visible due to the hairstyle’s messy aesthetic.

Messy Hairstyle

Today, messy hairstyles are almost as popular as the traditional ones. It has become very trendy to have a little disarray on the head. Therefore, we have decided to put an example of such hairstyle in this post. Hairdo is a form of high updo, however, executed in a very loosely and messy way. You can wear it on a daily basis, to work or school. We do not recommend it to a wild party, because the hairstyle can fall apart easily.

Messy Bun

Bun is the kind of updo, which can save us in many situations. We all well know the fact that hairstyles have tendency to fall apart in the most crucial and inappropriate moments of our lives. Fortunately, there is an updo in for of a simple bun, which can be used for every occasion, more or less important one. Bun is very easy to make and to fix. Is also quite durable and practical. Doesn’t give us extra heat during summer and our long hair doesn’t disturb us. In order to make simple bun un-simple, tug few strands out and don’t sleek your hair equally.

Long Hair and Delicate Curls

Healthy and shiny long hair has more volume and looks lusher. However, there is a way to make this hair even more abundant. All you need to do is to transform your hair into large and delicate curls or waves, and simply let them fall freely on your back. You will gain very seductive hairstyle that will surely draw the attention of others. So, grab good curling iron or hairstyler and turn your hair into spectacular masterpiece.

Braid + Messy Bun

Wedding hairstyles can sometimes be really surprising, especially, when we look at the picture and we think “this hairstyle is not so great”; but after arranging it on our head, we wonder “why I haven’t decided on it earlier?” Braid mixed with messy bun can be a real treat during your wedding day. Hairstyle looks a bit messy, mainly the bun part. Nonetheless, it can easily turn your hair into something spectacular and worthy of the bride.

Messy French Braid Bun

Have you ever wondered if bun can be made with the earlier arranged braid? Well, the answer is – yes. Simply, look at the picture. You can see a large and wide French braid that has been lifted up and transformed into a bun. Hairstyle like this looks really messy, however today; messy is a new variation of traditional and impeccable style. Hairstyle presents itself very well, and with bright hair is even more visible and eye-catching.