Ombre with Bangs

There are many hairstyles to choose from, no matter the length or type of hair. However, if you are planning to do with your hair something really original, you may try to combine two or more types of hairstyles. For example, if you love to wear long hair, you may want to decide on ombre with bangs, which looks quite unique. You can also sleek your hair in order to get maximum shine and the highest possible level of attractiveness.

Brown Ombre Hair!

Ombre can be done in two different ways, in terms of its contrast. First one is that you can decide on some very intense contrast by putting together two colors completely different from each other. However, there is also the second one, where you can dye your hair using shades of the same color, for example brown. If your hair is very long, you should leave it loosened and maybe curl it a little. And your hairstyle is now ready to be worn.

Brown to Blonde Ombre Hairstyle

Ombre is very popular nowadays. It can be spotted almost everywhere. The most common ombre is white and black. However, today, we have decided to show you an ombre, where the lower part of brown hair has been bleached. You can bleach all the bottom part or only the tips. What’s more, with colors with lesser contrast, you be able to enjoy a mild transition between brown and blonde, which greatly emphasizes the attractiveness of the whole hairstyle.

Elbow Patch Detail Long Hair

Have you finally achieved the dreamy length of your hair and now you don’t know what to do with it? Let me help you. The best way to achieve natural and very attractive look is by leaving your hair undone, and maybe a little wavy. Such hairdo will not be pressuring you during its arranging, and most of all, it will be always on its place having really hard times to fail you. Combine it with proper clothing, makeup and accessories and your satisfaction will be guaranteed.

Reverse Ombre

This time, we will be starting from the end because the hair inspiration for today is the reverse ombre. Rules are same as in case of the traditional ombre, with only one exception. Unlike the typical ombre, the reverse ombre has the upper part of the hair brighter and the bottom one darker. You can easily use it on your long hair, treating it with more unique variation of a common dyeing method. On the pictured, we present one of many possible options of reverse ombre.

Dramatic Ombre, Very Pretty

Yet we have for you another ombre for fair and long hair. Ombre has been introduced to the hairdressing world of fashion not so long ago, and over this time became very popular in every corner of the world. Upper part dyed brighter and the bottom part dyed dark is the true aspect of a well-executed ombre. You can wear it everywhere; school, work, weddings, birthdays, groceries shopping…

Darker Ombre

Ombre applied in long hair, especially long hair that is dark, can really add feistiness to our appearance making our style to look more aggressive. Such hairdo can really be a peak of seduction. You can then transform your dyed hair into, for example, delicate and subtle waves that will flow like a shimmering stream, making you feel refreshed, beautiful and confident. What’s more, such hairdo can be used for every possible occasion.

Brunette Ombre

Long haired brunettes have countless possibilities of creating amazing hairstyles. One of such distinctive and noticeable features that can be applied in your hair is to dye your hair ombre style. Ombre consists of two shades that are in contrast with each other. Stronger the contrast, more noticeable the ombre is. Simply put brighter shade on the bottom part of your hair and darker one on the upper part. This way you will achieve groundbreaking effect – a highlight of your style.

Messy Ombre Ponytail

Hairstyle on the picture is nothing less than original. Someone had to turn on hers creativity in order to achieve such unique hairdo. On the first sight, it’s nothing else just simple ponytail. However, if you look closer, you will find that ponytail is dyed in ombre style, and what’s more, it has been arranged to look a little bit messier. It is a trendy hairstyle that will bring you much joy and satisfaction of wearing it.

Casual Fall Ombre Hair

Messy hair, no matter if it’s long or medium length, always looks interesting. Such hairstyles can be combined with many different styles of dyeing. For example, on the above photo, model’s hair has been dyed ombre style, which mixed with messy hairdo, really ads mystery and feistiness to our nature. Color of the hair has been darkened in the upper part and bleached in the bottom, making perfect hairstyle for some crazy night out.

Blonde Ombre

Dyeing in ombre style gained its popularity several years ago, and ‘till this day its popularity hasn’t faded away. Ombre style means that the upper part of the hair is dyed in darker color than the bottom one. The best contrast is between black and fair hair, however, you can also decide on some more soothing shades. Hair dyed in ombre style looks especially well in the case of hair of medium length, like the one in the picture.