Pink Ombre

This post brings you another variation of world-famous hair dyeing method, known as the ombre. Ombre we are presented today has been made with the shades of pink. The upper part has been dyed with darker shade, while the bottom part with the brighter one. Hairstyle looks like cotton candy, and it is probably sweet in taste, too. If you want to feel special, like a fairytale princess, then feel free to try this fabled style.

Pink Ombré

And yet we have got another ombre variation for you. This time long hair has been dyed with purple, leaving the upper part of the hair blonde. After dyeing your hair ombre style you can then spice it up some more. It’s easy. All you need to do is to decide on a simple and pretty hairstyle, and your look will be complete. For example, you can create nice curls, which you can do with a hairstyler, curling iron or hot rollers.