Gorgeous Hairstyle

Long hair has many advantages, with one of them being countless ways to arrange the hair into fantastic hairdos. For every day wear you may want to choose simpler and hairstyles, which also not devouring your precious time while arranging them. However, if you are preparing for some special occasion, you should think about executing more sophisticated hairdos, just as the one on the above picture.

French Twist and Ponytail

Do you have an idea for your long and blonde hair? No? Then, we will help you find the proper inspiration by looking at the above image. As you can see, model on the photo has her hair tied into ponytail, which is also freely loosened. Hair has been transformed into French twist, which has the ability to naturally accentuate the whole, giving you at the same time the feeling of comfort and practicality.

Barbie Ponytail

And now we have something for girls, who want to look like a Barbie doll. You will need to bleach your long hair first, if you do not wear your hair fair already. Next step is to simply tie your hair into a pretty ponytail. You can also turn your hair into gentle waves before you start doing your pony. And that’s it. Wavy ponytail made with blonde hair is one of the best marks of dolly appearance. All is missing is a great dress, and we can go to hunt down our Ken.

Long Cute Ponytail

Ponytails are best friends of every girl, who loves to wear her hair long, arranged into some durable, easy and practical hairdo. And the ponytail is the perfect example of such hairstyle. You can tie it high or low, tight or loose; and it will always be looking great. Simply, acquire a rubber band for hair, and tie it at the back of your head. You can also tug few hair strands out, to give yourself even more adorable appearance.

Top Crown Braided into Ponytail

We often pick simple and fast to make hairstyles, because we don’t have the amount of time required for arranging more sophisticated hairdos. However, once in a while, mostly, when we are preparing ourselves for some classy celebration, we love to go wild with our hair and turning it into the fancy-looking hairstyle. One of such is a top crown braided into ponytail, which is made of combination of few other hairdos.

Braided Headband with Ponytail

Looking for a hybrid hairstyle that is comfortable, practical, original and gorgeous? Well, you have just have found it, then. So, in order for you to execute this hairdo the way it should be made, we have prepared for you a form of a little guide, where you can see how to arrange this miracle on your head. Braided headband will keep your hair from going on a wild streak, while ponytail will add some girly accents, emphasizing your femininity.

Messy Ponytail

Mess on the head has been very popular lately. We can see all the different kinds of hairstyles that are transformed into messy structure on our heads, which look like they have been made with no effort whatsoever. But one couldn’t be more wrong. Messy hairstyles, yes, they are that way; however, we have to sacrifice some of our time in order to execute them. Even well-messed ponytail requires at least a little effort.

Cute Ponytail

Long hair gives us enough problems as it is, with the time needed for arranging the hair, for washing it and drying, and applying conditioner. And we are often so busy we simply have not enough time to spend it in front of the mirror. Hairstyle on the picture goes with everything. Although, it will be a best fit for college girls or girls that are in high school, because this cute ponytail can bring out the quintessence of girlishness in every proud owner.

Nice black hair

Black long hair can be very seductive, and often makes guys to act real crazy. However, black long hair that has been transformed in to magnificent hairdo will impress even the most conservative people. Quick way to arrange black long hair is to tie it into high ponytail, while loosening strands of hair on the sides of the head. Hairstyle looks really classy and girlish. And what’s more, it goes nearly with everything.

Pancaked Braids & Ponytail

Long hair is the pride and nightmare of every woman, who wears it. Sure, long hair looks good with every option, and even looks spectacular with some amazingly created unique hairstyle. However, it needs daily care, which takes much time, long brushing, more conditioner and longer washing and drying. But, if you wear your hair long, and you would like to change it in a simple way, try pancaked braids with ponytail.

Braided & Long Ponytail

And yet we present another hairstyle that requires assistance of the professional hairdresser. If you decide on this hairstyle, make sure you have large amount of free time to spare, because you will need it. Long hair on the top of the head has been tied into ponytail, while the bottom part is braided very closely to the head. Hairstyle looks like from sci-fi movie, but nonetheless is durable, attractive, and definitely original.

Ponytail and Decorative Braid – Long Hair

Do you often wear your hair tied in a ponytail, and you are looking for ideas on how to decorate it? In addition to accessories such as decorative hair bands or clips with gadgets, you can also try out our idea for the hairstyle with the pigtail. First, you have to take a strand of hair from the bottom section, and then form it into a braid. The upper part needs to be tied, while you make the braid at the bottom. In the end, the whole hair is tied into a high ponytail.

Vintage Styled Ponytail – Long Hair

Ponytail hairstyle doesn’t have to be boring. There is no need to decorate it with colorful hairpins or any accessories for the haircut to look interesting. In a tutorial, consisting of a few photos, we can see a step-by-step instructions how to get yourself hair in a vintage style. Such hairstyle is great for everyday styling, for work, university – but also to a party, a date or even important output.

A Comfortable Gym Ponytail – Step by Step

Pinning hair when going to the gym, on the bike, or jogging, is a problem mostly to long haired women. It is rather difficult to work out with a heavy bun arranged on top of your head, because it’s bound to fall apart. Most of us, in a situation such as this, goes with a braid. An alternative updo fit for physical activity, can be a hairdo from the photo, that’s easy to do and requires only a few hair elastics.

Braid or Ponytail? – the Idea for a Long Hair Hairstyle

There are times we have enough of the fact, that every day we go out of the house with a ponytail or a simple bun on our heads. In summer, we don’t necessarily want to wear our long hair down, as it’s too hot. Picture showcases an idea for a hairstyle that is a mix of a pony tail and a braid. The hairstyle is a bit “messy”, as it would be called by the British – and not only – bloggers. It is easy to do and looks good for any occasion.

Twists & Ponytail Hairstyle

Long hair is the most often chosen hairstyle by girls and women. It gives you many possibilities for arranging hairstyles, and combining methods together. For example, good choice for summer hairstyle, which is perfect for work, school and crazy party, and even for some more important events, is the ponytail. Traditional ponytail, but spiced up with some twists, making it look very feminine and beautiful, is a good match for every long hair owner.

Elegant and Simple Hairdo for the Event – High Ponytail

Ponytail is very simple to create, and it doesn’t take much time to bring it to life. Most of the time, we have to tied our hair up high. We don’t use this kind of hairstyle as a daily routine, because ponytail gives us the impression that it is very heavy. Meanwhile, there is a simple trick we can use to make this type of hairstyle more comfortable. Wider the rubber, less more hair weighs us down. Ponytail can also be decorated with an elegant rubber band in form of a buckle, similar to the wide bracelet.

Regular Ponytail – How to Decorate It?

In case of medium length or long hair, one of the most popular hairstyles is ponytail. This hairstyle is very comfortable, plus, we do not have to spend long hours to make it happen. Hair is clipped in such a way to prevent it from disturbing us. During winter our hair does not pick up static, and during summer, we are not exposed on the additional heat. If you want to decorate your ponytail sometimes, you can select rubber hair bands with small ornaments, or simply bind the hair in a way to make knot at the end – as it is shown in the picture.