Purple Updo

Purple hair, no matter if long or short, is becoming more and more popular these days. We can spot girls wearing purple hair more often than before, which means that we are craving for some original new solutions. On the above image, woman dyed her hair purple, and then arranged it into some messy hairdo, tying part of her hair at the back of the head. Hairstyle is quite fashionable and it looks like it has been done in a great hurry.

Purple Curls to Ponytail

Browsing through the world of originally-looking hairstyles, we’ve come across very unique combination. For every brave girl with long hair, we recommend to try this uncommon hairstyle. Long hair has been dyed purple and he curled into very pretty twists. For the final touch, the whole hair has been tied into ponytail, which gives very interesting appearance, perfect for crazy parties, like New Year’s.

Purple & Green on Blonde Hair- Mardi Gras Hair

And now we will show you an inspiration that is great for the wild parties, like New Year’s, Mardi Gras, carnival in Rio or simpler – a crazy all-night party with your friends. Long and undone hair has been twisted quite intensively, leaving messy hairdo on the girl’s head. What’s more, in order to give the hairstyle even wilder appearance, few hair strands has been treated with blue and purple shades. Hairstyle is perfect for blowing off some steam.

Colorful and Intense Hair

Live colors are not very fondly used by women with long hair, or with any kinds of length for that matter. However, sometimes we feel we want to go crazy with our appearance, especially, if there is some wild occasion knocking on our door, for example, a Halloween party. While preparing for such events, you can go wild above the all limits. Nice hair inspiration that is also a crazy one, has been presented above.

Purple Bangs and a Long Ponytail

Purple hair is not for everyone. Can you imagine business woman with such hair entering the conference room to present some new marketing campaign? Such colors are often chosen by girls, who love to party and love to get wild on a daily basis. What’s more, you can combine a few shades of purple, making your hairstyle even crazier. Put such colors on your long hair with bangs, and you will gain a look that is relatively rare in the hairdressing world.

Purple and Green on Blonde – Mardi Gras Hair

Every girl that is preparing for a carnival, in Rio de Janeiro or New Orleans, will definitely appreciate this hairdo. Model on the picture is showing us hairstyle that is simply perfect for the wild party; wilder the better. Loosened blonde hair has been turned into messy waves, entangled with each other making very interesting structure. What’s more, some strands have been dyed with intense shades, like purple and green, accentuating your party spirit.

Purple Fishtail Braid

Preparing for some wild party? Or maybe you are bored with your hairstyle and you have no idea what to do with your hair next? Well, if this is the case then we have for you great inspiration for a hairdo that will not only be refreshing in terms of your look, but it also bring you some extra charm highlighting your beauty. Simply, turn your long hair purple and make a fishtail braid out of it. You will gain a traditional hairstyle with original appearance.

Long Dark Purple Hair

Dark purple shade for hair can bring down our positively-looking hair in a matter of minutes. Purple that is dark is also a bit sad color that will not accentuate our sunny nature, but will only focus on the darker side of our character. So, if you would like to change the color of your hair into a more somber, then you are definitely in the right place. Look up and see for yourself, how this hairstyle can or can’t benefit you.

Curly Purple Hair

In this post, we have dark and bold shade color that will be quite suitable for long hair. This color is purple, and you can be sure it will add more mystery to your nature. What’s more, if you decide on curled hair with color like this, you will achieve an amazing style that is perfect for wild celebrations, like Halloween party or New Year’s Eve party. You can be sure your hair will be one of the main attractions during this crazy time.

Purple Hairstyle

Hair dyed with intense and vibrant colors is definitely a hairstyle for the brave ones; for girls, who like to party and spend all night on the dancing floor. If you have the urge to put some intense colors on your head, be sure it will match your style and your beauty. The best way is to acquire a semi-permanent dye that can be washed away after few washings. With colors like this it is always to be safe than sorry.

Short Purple Haircut

Short and medium length hair gives us maybe less opportunities for hairstyle; however, hairdressing world of shorter hair can also be quite intriguing. One of the best examples is the above image that shows girl with hair dyed purple. It’s a brave and bold step, and you have to admit, it looks quite well. Those types of hair can be worn during wild parties and crazy activities, like for example, during extreme sports.

Lavender Purple Long Hair

Today, hair colors are available in every type of shade. You can choose between traditional colors, like red, brown, black or blonde, or you can decide to wear something more intense, such as green, blue, orange or purple. Lavender purple hair combined with gently made waves is really something unique and laud. It is perfect for rave, clubbing, parties, friend’s birthday or crazy New Year’s Eve party.

Intensively Purple Hair Color



Deciding on the color that you can see in the picture, you need to know that the color such as this, after a relatively short period of time, will experience some changes. Depending on whether you have dark or light hair color, it will be different. In case of blondes, it will turn into a bright violet, and in case of brunettes, will become less shiny and less intense. We should always think carefully while choosing hair dyes. You should ask yourself – is this really what I’m looking for?