Bleached Long Hair

Many women often opts for little or larger changes in their looks. One of those changes applies to their head. For example, dyeing the hair or even bleaching it in order to achieve beautiful blonde color is very popular option amongst girls, who want to brighten their hair. Long fair hair looks very seductive, and along with long waves with side parting and hair swept on the one side of the head, gives us really spectacular appearance.

Long Hair – Butted Layers Hairstyle



Once, these were very fashionable hairstyles: long hair on their “outer side”, shortened to approximately half, with butted layer. Long hair ends were butted just as same as the short ones. It is a very cool idea for a hairstyle, provided that the cut will be nicely done and if the ends of our hair will be wrapping themselves in small curls or will remain perfectly straight. If the cut is not done as it should be, hair locks will be pointing in different directions, not necessarily in a nice and attractive way.




Medium Length Hair – Strong Layering



By layering our hair, we can emphasize our beauty more than usual. We have the opportunity to cover our cheekbones or to enhance them, if we like. This will make our face look thinner. Additionally, we can also do this by picking the right dye of our layers. Coloring hair in very delicate strands, known as balayage, makes the cut to be better exposed. It also applies to smoother cut, like this on the above picture.


Medium Length Hair And Layered Hairstyle



When we want to get rid of our long hair, because we are wearing them since “forever”, because we’re already bored with it, because we are getting tired of our looks; sometimes we simply cannot decide to make this cut… Because we fear that our new haircut will be worse than the one before, and that we will miss our long hair. We give you an idea for a hairstyle that will combine long and medium length hair. Ask your hairdresser for that kind of layer, which will leave some of our front hair long. It is wonderful method that allows us to get used to the change involving shortening our long hair to medium version.



Shaded Hair – Can We Count On It?



Shaded and graduated haircut like in the picture looks really impressive. Sometimes, however, if our hair is unruly by nature, we may have a problem to tame the hair without hot curlers, or without hair styling cosmetics. Shaded hair presents itself best, when our hair is naturally thick and heavy. In such cases hair arranges on its own, by bowing down before our cut.




Very Long Hair with Dyed Ends



Very long hair gives us many opportunities, in terms of choosing the shape of our hair and when it comes to coloring it. Hair cut straight with a help of a professional hairdresser (because she knows perfectly, how to cut our hair and not to ruin our look in the process) will look really healthy and soft. Heavily shaded long hair may give us impression of looking little jagged: as if they were grown by us without undercutting it for a long time.




Hair Shading Paint – Ombre Style



Some time ago, there was very fashionable hair coloring, later identified as “skunk style”. This hairstyle has two contrasting colors. Girls wearing blonde hair have dyed their hair ends black. And today everything is backwards. Brunettes dyeing their hair ends with a blonde color, they simply bleach it. However, this is a shaded coloring and it looks a bit more natural than the hairstyles made in “skunk style”.




Medium Length Hair – Shaded or Not?



Many girls have doubts and concerns involving their hairstyle. They think intensively, what kind of hairstyle will be best for them, shaded or simple? If we cannot decide, then it is best to go to a professional hair-salon, but not to the one, where our visit will be limited to words: “Please sit down. It’s cutting time!” Once we treat ourselves with our dream cut, then after consultation with a professional hairstylist, we can trim our ends or adjust hairstyles while using services of traditional hairdressers.




Short Layered Haircut for Women

If you want to have your hair very short, because you feel most comfortable in it, then you can try to some layering. Short cut does not mean shortening the hair in hedgehog style over the entire surface of the head. You can try a hairstyle, which is presented by the model in the picture – layered, little bit messy and attractive. You can always shorten it even more. It all depends on whether you will like it or not.

Layered Long Hair: the Cut and the Color

Do you want to make your hair to look more original and unique? You don’t have the idea for the right cut for yourself? Maybe you should think about shading, which can be adjusted to the shape of your face in such a way for the hairstyle to highlight your features. Layered haircut and its optical effect can be enhanced by using different shades of hair dyes, for example, brighter color at the top and darker at the bottom, or vice versa. If you’re brave, enough you can put on extreme colors, such as pink, red, violet or purple.