Lovely Long Straight Hair

For every woman or a girl, who loves to wear her long hair undone, we have amazing inspiration. Try to sleek your hair back, but do this very precisely. You can use for this your round brush or some good quality hair straightener. What’s more, if you treat your hair to some flaming and intense shade, like red, and your hair will also has a proper shine, then the final result will be groundbreaking, leaving behind you a path of devastating success.

Perfect Straight Long Hair

I’ve said it before, and I say it again: in case of the long hair, the simplest choices are also the best ones. When you are in hurry and you don’t have the time to fight with your hair, then just sleek it to be perfectly straight and leave it undone. You will see that this simple process will change your look to more natural one, thus to a more attractive one, too. Such hair can be swept onto the front or at the back, always looking great.

Lovely Long Straight Hair

Flaming red hair, which on top of that is also long and loosened, can leave in state of shock everyone, who will be bold enough to take a glance at this pretty hair-of-art. Remember that in case of this hairstyle, longer your hair, better the final effect. Just sleek your hair thoroughly and leave it undone. If it’s healthy and well-cared, then you will gain the maximum benefits from this hairdo. However, if your hair has poorly nutrition, you will find this hairdo flattened and looking like hay.

Long Shiny Straight Hair with Halo Braid

Long hair sleeked back and straight as a straw can really turn all eyes in your direction. Such hair must have a proper shine in order for you to fully benefit from this type of hairdo. Shine will guarantee that your hair will be visible from mile away. But that’s not all. You can crown your hairdo by using thin and subtle braid that wraps your head around like a halo. So, grab your hair straightener and grant yourself an adorable appearance.

How to Stop the Hair from Curling on Its Own?

Is your hair curly and wavy by nature, and you having just enough of it? I’ve decided to browse through the web in searching for proper information on how to deal with this problem.

Of course, the first and natural solution to this problem is a hair straightener. However, not everyone wants to use this device. And I’m supporting this decision in 100%! Straightening your hair with the help of hot air, simply, destroys and, unfortunately, dries the hair very much; so it would probably be best to avoid it. So, what kinds of methods will help you to get rid those unwanted twists?


Lamination is a simple and inexpensive method. For example, my hair always turns itself into waves, and after this procedure it remains smooth and shiny, like the calm water surface. In addition, it also is very nourishing treatment that moisturizes and brings shine to your hair. In order to properly prepare the laminate, you will need gelatin along with your favorite conditioner or hair mask.

Cosmetic Kerosene

This agent also makes your hair smooth and firm, and thus – straightening the twists. Cosmetic Kerosene is a synthetic moisturizing substance. It does not contain any hair nourishing ingredients; nonetheless it is perfect hair moisturizer that also makes your hair very smooth. Simply, rub cosmetic kerosene on your dry hair, and after 15 minutes just wash it with your shampoo. It’s all a very easy process! You can buy cosmetic kerosene in any pharmacy. However, in order for you not to be left with cosmetic kerosene that has only smoothing-hair abilities, you should opt for more enhanced version of this product, containing richer sources of vitamins, castor oil or aloe vera.

Straight Your Hair with Keratin

Unfortunately, this procedure can’t be executed at home. Such treatments are only performed in hair salons, where you will experience a permanent straightening of your hair while using keratin, which is a natural building block of hair. After such treatment, the hair is straight, shiny and thick – like a dream!

Beautiful Long Hair

Long hair can be very seductive; however, the hair that is very long is definitely the quintessence of femininity in case of every girl or woman, who is wearing it. Hair this long should also has a properly-long care, and thorough, too. Such length requires much more time to keep the hair healthy, shiny and strong. Nonetheless, even with these sacrifices, the final effect can be very overwhelming, positively speaking, of course.

How to Care for Straightened Hair

Every woman, who is using a hair straightener on her lovely hair, should know the aspects of the proper hair care. Check out how to care for your valuable hair, and what to do with it, to always be shiny, smooth and healthy!

Even frequent hair straightening does not have to lead to the ruin of your hair! If you will properly take care of your precious hair before and after straightening, and when you select a hair straightener that is friendly to your hair structure; then, you’ll be able to enjoy not only straightened, but also healthy-looking and well-kept hair.

How to straighten and protect your hair at the same time

Styling with the use of hair straightener is based on exposing the hair on very high temperatures, which makes the hair stand up straight. However, this procedure also dries, dulls and weakens your hair, making it susceptible to fractures. Such damages to the hair should be prevented even during primary care. Therefore, you should choose shampoos, conditioners and masks that deeply moisturize the hair and help to rebuild its structure. The best decision you can make, is to opt for the best line of cosmetics, which will help you to quickly achieve the perfect effect of smooth and healthy hair.

Choosing the perfect hair straightener

Best is to go for the straightener, which will enable temperature control. This way, you will be able to adapt the device to the needs of your hair. Ceramic plates are a must! They will give you the possibility to avoid burning your hair and to easily straighten the unruly locks. You can also pick the hair straightener with the ionization feature, through which the hair will not be picking up static.

Hair care after straightening

After straightening your hair, you must not forget about its care. For example, if your hair strands tend to dry up, especially at the ends, then, after styling it, you should apply some light conditioner in the form of a spray, which will be perfect for moisturizing and nourishing your amazing hair.

Choosing Good Quality Hair Straightener

Hairstyle in Jennifer Aniston style is an absolute hit of recent seasons. Straight hair looks very elegant, with always impeccable arrangement, while give the whole styling status of the movie star. Are you ready to shine like a star? The ionization feature in the straightener will make the hair to be smooth and incredibly shiny. In addition, you do not have to worry about you hair will be picking up static after you straighten it.

When choosing proper hair straightener, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the heating plates, because they are responsible for the appearance and the health of your hair. Their smooth and coated surface will make the hair will gain beautiful silky shine. What’s more, width and length of the plates depends on the type of your hair: For hair that is long we choose hair straighteners with wide plates, in turn, if our hair is short, the perfect plates for it will be narrow-shaped plates.

It is important for the plates to distribute the heat evenly, protecting the hair from roots to ends. Speaking about the safety of our hair, we cannot forget the important role that involves adjusting the temperature. The best hair straighteners are those with multi-stage heating power intensity. I guess now you are asking yourself a question: How do I know what temperature is most suitable for my hair? Don’t worry, your hair will “tell” you by itself. However, remember; more delicate your hair is, the lower temperatures are more desirable.

You must also not forget about how important the functionality of the hair straightener actually is.. The highest quality hair straighteners (two-in-one) will provide you not only with perfectly straight hair, but also with beautiful curls. Heating plates with rounded sides will allow you to arrange delicate and fancy waves or sophisticated curls. What’s more, this type of hairstyle always looks fresh and very feminine.

Straight Long Hair & Slightly Shaded Bangs



Women with a round or broad face, often afraid of bangs, because it seems to them that this always gives them a bit of optical pounds. But there are those kinds of bangs that, on the contrary, take pounds away from us! Those are shaded bangs, which should be cut by a hairdresser, who will adjust bangs to the shape of our face. Remember that even the best chosen hairstyle will not look 100% right, if the color of our hair will not be harmonized with our beauty, our complexion, our eyes.




Why Do We Love A Long Straight Hair?



Long hair gives us many options when it comes to haircuts and styling. With long hair, we can do anything. We often stalking trends in hairstyles while on pages devoted to a hairdressing, or forums, where women exchange their views, opinions, ideas; and, of course, on blogs such as this. Long hair gives a lot of options, especially hair that is straight, equal and undamaged. However, one should reckon with the fact that having long hair involves daily care that takes much more time than in the case of a short hair… but, well, for beauty sometimes you have to suffer:-)




Straight Hair – Why We Like It So Much?

Straight hair we associate with femininity, with delicacy. We like to wear simple loose hair, because then we feel feminine and beautiful. In addition, we do not specifically think about laying our hair – it arranges by itself. Although, of course, we can create every hairstyle using our creativity and precision, and for example, we can use the straightener, curling irons, gel or hairspray; to arrange our loose hair.

Delicate Curls at the Ends of Long Hair

Going for evening out, or just somewhere to party, and you are considering a haircut? If you have straight long hair, and you mostly wear it in a ponytail or braided into a bun – this time you should choose a loose hair, which will have ornaments made from curls at the ends. You can create them by using a curling iron. Rollers are not necessarily considered a good choice to make curls at the hair ends, because their clasps leave visible trace. Therefore, it is better to bet on a classic and simple curling iron. Straight hair – very elegant hairstyle!

Short Hair + Bangs – Comfort and Elegance

The cut as this in the picture, for some of us is a short haircut for other hair of medium length. No matter how you call it, because if you decide on this hairstyle, you are going to feel mega comfortable, especially, if you are accustomed to very long hair. Remember, however, that before you choose this radical cut, in particular, cutting your bangs; you should think well, whether that hairstyle will match your look. In my opinion, the best way to check this, is to treat ourselves with on-line applications that can present us with our potentially new look.

Simple Long Flowing Hair – Without the Parting

These types of hairstyles were once quite fashionable. Today, we decide on them rarer, but from time to time, we reach for similar solutions. The hair is combed back for the parting to not be visible at all. We need to apply the hair gel, foam or hair dye, or any other hair styling cosmetic; otherwise, our hairstyle may not last very long. Our hair, skin and in fact skin of our head is accustomed to the hair parting that makes one of the hair section falls to the right side and the other section on the left side of our head.


Straight Blonde Hair + Long Bangs

Blond hair looks particularly well in bright version in women, who have a delicate beauty. We should be careful with blonde color when deciding on our coloration, because, sometimes dyeing dark hair blond, the color may not catch on right away. When you have dark hair and blonde dreams, it is best to first check how effectively you will look in this shade. For example, you can always decide on manipulation in a graphics program, where you only need a picture of yourself. It is good to make this change in the hairdressing salon, and not by yourself, because after all this is done, you can be very surprised, and not in a good way.


Medium Length Hair – Simple Hairstyle

Medium length hair allows us to several different styling, such as tiny pony, a bun or loose hair that can be modeled in many ways. We can leave our hair straight and make a parting that runs through the center of our head. Or we can also decide on a parting that is made on the side of our head, like in the above picture. We can arrange our hair in soft waves, or in curls, which have been worn once by Marilyn Monroe herself.


Hair Worn Down – Medium Length Hair

What is the difference between the so-called mess on our head, and flowing hair? Because, how one supposed to know if it was our idea of ​​a haircut or just something went wrong and ruined our hairstyle? Answer is very simple. When we see well-dressed woman, who has every element fits to another and everything fits together, such as bag fits boots, makeup fits eyes, lipstick fits shape of her mouth… but the hair in some way does not fit the whole, probably something did not work out. However, hairstyle like this with jeans or bikini is quite attractive.


Straight Long Hair – Why So Popular?

Straight long hair, that falls on our shoulders and back, is always fashionable and always looks beautiful, because the hair is natural. For many men, women with long hair are very sexy, and they associate it with femininity and innocence. If sometimes you have no idea what to do with your hair while preparing for some elegant event, a party or to a restaurant for the romantic dinner; you can easily choose on worn down straight hair that has been appropriately combed.

Natural Long Hair – Styling

Do you like to wear your hair down and you enjoy a healthy, thick, long hair? Sometimes, just a bit of mousse or other hair styling cosmetic will add originality to your hairstyle. Long hair styling is great because it gives you many opportunities for fancy updos. You can make curls, spirals, long braids, or arrange your hair in a nice bun. The same goes for hair worn down; all we need to do is to arrange our hair a little, which will automatically give our hairstyle more character.

Short Haircut & Color

Balayage returns to the hairdressing fashion. Once, balayage was similar to the traditional highlights, quite thick, with many different hair colors mixing together on our head. Today, balayage that we can treat ourselves with can be made in every good hairdressing salon; it has delicate and thin highlights that make our hair more delicate. Highlights are not conspicuous, but they surely give your hair the original look.