Voluminous Updo

Looking for more volume in your hair? If your hair is long and you like updos, then you’ve come to the right place. Such hairdo should be worn mostly during special occasions, because it is quite time-consuming. However, once you arrange it, you will want to never take it off. Hairdo is perfect from every angle, which means it is a work of a well-talented hairdresser. So, if you feel up for it, then you should definitely grant yourself this amazing creation.

Pinned Updo

Updos have many faces, and often requires different approach to their arranging. Nice updo can be done relatively quick, while others, especially those that we’re using for the weddings, not so much. You should remember that every updo, or every hairdo for that matter, you can spice up even further. All you need are some pretty hair decorations, like this tasteful hairpin placed in the updo on the above picture.

Messy Updo Hairstyle

Recently, there are more and more messy hairdos emerging from the world of fashion. Messy look is now very trendy, and you can do this in case of almost every hairstyle there is. All you need to is to mess it up a little by tugging out some hair strands and also by making a bit loose execution. You can, for example, try the updo from the photo. As you can see, strands in this hairstyle have been pulled out from the whole giving a text-book example of the messy hairdo.