Curly Updo

Updos are wedding hairdos, and everybody knows it. However, in order to stand out from the rest, during this amazing day, while having your hair arranged into a simple hairdo, is a bit tricky but not impossible. Before you make your favorite updo, try to curl your hair first. This way, you will not be left with a dull and common hairdo, but a whole new updo that is not also quite rare but it can sweep many out of their feet.

Braided Updo

Every girl, who likes to braid her hair, put your hand up! This inspiration is just for you. Braided updo can be worn no matter the circumstances; therefore, it is always good to decide on this hairdo, especially, when preparing for some fancier events, like galas, weddings and benefits. If you do not have the proper braiding techniques, it will be better if you will leave the arrangement of this hairstyle to some professional hairdresser.

Lovely Braided Updo

Wedding ceremony is getting closer and closer, and you don’t have your wedding hairstyle chosen yet? Well, if your hair is long, and you wear it down all the time, you should think about introducing some changes into your daily style. You can decide on braided updo, which can often be seeing amongst wedding guests, and bride herself. Updo is done on the bottom at the back of the head, with classy braid that runs through the top, looking like a hairband. This hairstyle is full of grace.

Back Braid Updo

The variety of hairstyles is the same as the variety of occasions we can use them for. Hairstyles that closely fit to our head are chosen mainly for some important night outs, or celebrations like weddings or anniversaries. They require patience, precision and free time. You can make this hairstyle by yourself; all you need is to know few tricks. It’s a beautiful braided updo, which will give you extra charm and highlight your beauty.

Pin Curled Updo

Are you looking for the hairstyles that will suit you during your wedding day, parents’ anniversary, or exclusive ball? We’ve got something that will be for you an amazing fit. However, it requires skills and much of free time to arrange it. This wedding hairstyle is an updo made with curls. Bottom section of the hair has been curled and pinned into bun on the side of the head. The upper section has been sleeked back, making the whole a fantabulous hairstyle for the luxurious evening.

Mermaid Updo with Flower

Long hair is one of the most beautiful of women’s assets. Hair like this can be arranged in many different ways; updos, braids, buns, curls, and so on. One of the most attractive updo for the long hair, which also looks like some impeccably made structure, is the mermaid updo. It requires a lot of work; therefore, its best fits are weddings, anniversaries, luxurious banquets, and other major events. We can also pin a classy flower-ornament in it, to emphasize our beauty even more.

Bun Created with Braid – Long Hair

Updo that is presented in the picture is quite easy to do, in spite of appearances. By using our tutorial, you can see and try out, how to arrange such a hairstyle step-by-step. If you are looking for an idea for a hairstyle for a party, celebration, to spend time with friends, or for a romantic date – – and you have long hair – our idea is simply perfect for you, regardless of your hair color.

Natural Updo for Long Hair

Most of us will say, after trying it out, that it’s an ideal hairstyle. Moreover, to arrange it, you don’t need any practice, all we require is a few hairpins – preferably slides of the same color as our hair. Chaotic bun, because that’s how you can call that variation, is a great haircut for two reasons: it goes nicely with all clothing styles, and doesn’t require any adjustments during the day. It doesn’t matter when something loosens up.

Beautiful Braid & Updo

Wedding always means tons of planning, constant stress, making appointment with stylists, hairdressers, dress-makers, designers, and many more. While you have so much work to do, we have decided to help you at least with one aspect – the hairstyle, of course. Above this post, you can see a tutorial that will guide you step-by-step how to make a beautiful bridal updo that is going to stun all your wedding guests.

Beautiful Updo Hairstyle

Updos are in fashion for some time now, and nothing points that they will quickly disappear from the horizon. They are often chosen for important events, at least those that are really hard to make, and look very fancy. An updo like on the picture requires masterful skills, so hairdressing salon, and professional one too, is really recommended here. Hairstyle requires some time to create it, and is very delicate, just as should be a woman, who will decide to wear it.

Beautiful Crown Braid Updo

Crown braid updo is another combination of what we can do with our long or medium length hair. Our head is carefully wrapped with the braid, which runs around our head at the level of our ears. It looks great not only on blonde hair – as in the picture, but also on hair dyed black, brown, or red. Creating this kind of hairdo is taking a while but the final effect will definitely be worthy of sacrificing our precious time.

Waterfall Lace Braid Updo

Women often decide to wear long hair, however, they not always have the time to create something that would change their appearance but still highlighted their femininity and class. Waterfall lace braid updo is here very well fit for every woman, teenager, and little girl. Hairstyle gives us a little bit of country appearance; however, it is also very pretty and durable at the same time.

Dutch Braid Updo

Women wearing their hair down have many options for wonderful hairstyles, and Dutch braid updo is one of them. Such hairstyle requires skills and patience, or it can be ruined very quickly. It should be made with precision. So the best way to make it is to decide on the visit in professional hairdressing salon, where we spend some money, but we save our time, nerves and we will also have the guarantee that the hairstyle is made as it should be.

Elegant Updo with Medium Length Hair

Most of us consider ourselves as individuals. We would like everything that surrounds us to really be ours, coming straight from our hearts, consistent with our favorite trends. However, we often also like to copy what someone has already conjured. This includes hairstyles: it is fun sometimes to reach for the advice of someone else, or pry, how to quickly make a simple hairstyle, when some invite on unexpected elegant event is handed to us last minute.

Idea for Chic Updo: for Different Occasions

Looking for a chic hairstyle for a very elegant event? We have something for you – an excellent idea. Photo attached to this post shows, step-by-step, how to do an elegant updo that you can use, for example, on proms, New Year’s parties, while going to the club or starting some romantic evening. This updo is very elegant, yet very simple. You can easily make it yourself at home. The only condition: you have to be lucky owner of a long hair!