Waves and Length

Did you ever notice that the longer the hair the more beautiful it is? Well, it’s true. Hair with such great length deserves to be treated like royalty, so don’t skimp on the hair care. One of most amazing hairdos for such long hair is waves. Longer the hair the larger the waves should be. This way you will get a whole new appearance with only a little sacrifice in the shape of your free time. Hairdo like this you can easily wear for many different occasions.

Gorgeous Hairstyle

Long hair has many advantages, with one of them being countless ways to arrange the hair into fantastic hairdos. For every day wear you may want to choose simpler and hairstyles, which also not devouring your precious time while arranging them. However, if you are preparing for some special occasion, you should think about executing more sophisticated hairdos, just as the one on the above picture.

Gorgeous Waves!

Wavy hairstyles are always in fashion, no matter what decade we live in. They are simple to execute and most of all, they always look great. Most suitable hair is long, of course; longer the better. You can then wear it tied into ponytail, or you can leave it undone, as pictured.  Moreover, your hair will also gain extra volume, which will make it to look fluffier. Such hairdo can be a great choice for everyday use as well as for the important gatherings and events.

Gorgeous Hair with a Silky White Dress

Every woman should remember that hairdo has to be well-matched not only to the hair itself or our type of beauty, but also to the rest of the assets that emphasizing our style. So in order to wear the hairdo that will play a role of ‘the cherry on the top’ of your general style, you should match it to your clothes. One of such options is presented above – amazing blonde hairdo that goes perfectly with snow-white dress.

Wavy Brunette Hair

Very long hair requires very long care and very long time to execute your favorite hairdo. Everything takes two times longer, but it’s worth it. The final effect is simply breathtaking and that is more than enough to be patient while growing your hair to you desirable and impressive length. Such hair can be curled and left loose, in order to make an attractive hairdo as quick as possible, especially, when you are in a hurry, preparing yourself to work, school or college.

Long Wavy Hair with Color

Every owner of a long hair should experiment in order to find her best possible look. If your long hair is dull and boring, you can easily improve it by using hair dyes, fancy hairstyles and ornamented hair accessories. Feel free to check out waves combine with vivid color that will emphasize your whole hairdo. Intense colors are characterized by the fact that they have the ability to make every hairstyle to be more distinctive and attractive.

Long Wavy Blonde Hair with Bow

Blondes are proud of their long hair, mainly, because it is their calling card. Natural look of such hair is the most visible if hair is loosened and wavy. This type of hairstyle can be used when going to business party, elegant dinner, romantic date, or even for everyday wear. What’s more, you can pin in your hair a fancy decoration, like bow, for example. You want to decide for the dark color of your bow in order to gain noticeable contrast between your hair and your accessory.

Brunette Wavy Hair

Brunettes wearing long hair should keep very close attention to the care of their hair. In order for this type of hair to look healthy and shiny, you have to treat it properly. With such well-cared hair, every type of hairstyle will look simply stunning. You can even decide on a simple arrangement, like waves, and you can be sure that your beautiful appearance will put everyone in the state of shock. What’s more, if you decide to keep your hair undone, your attractiveness will be even more impressive.

Squeaky Clean Hairstyle

For every businesswoman out there, and for every office worker, we have something just right. Every employee wearing long hair will definitely be scoring the points with her boss while wearing hairdo like on the picture. It will accentuate you professional skills and competences, and what’s more, it will give you the actual look of a respected businesswoman. So, as you see, hairdo has many benefits, and it would be good idea to try it on.

Long Brunette Hair

Long hair is attractive, no matter its color. However, darker hair can be more mysterious and desirable. What’s more, if you decide to improve it further, you can turn it into curls, but not small and twisted like little spirals, only large and subtle, as pictured. This way you will gain extra hair volume that will raise your beauty to a whole new level. You can also use some highlights in order to improve your look even more.

Flowing Blonde Hair

Long blonde hair can hypnotize every guy in a-blink-of-an-eye. Best appearance with such hair is to wear it down letting it to uncover our whole face. You can make a perfect parting right on the middle of your scalp. Next step is to create large and delicate curls that will be able to flow down on your shoulder and your back. Such hairdo is extremely attractive and feminine; and you can be sure that attention from men will improve rapidly.

Lovely Flowing Hair

Adorable hairstyle for the long hair is what girls like the most. Such a hairstyle can be quite beneficial, especially during some particular occasions. For example, romantic date or intimate dinner for two can be perfect situations to wear this type of hairstyle. So, if your hair is long, and you want to look lovely and cute, we suggest gently waves flowing down on your back. For the final touch you can shake your hair a bit or tousle it with your fingers in order to gain more volume and therefore more magical charm.

Wavy Loose Curls

And yet another beautiful hairstyle for long and loosen hair. Hair like this can be made mainly by using good quality curling iron. Also remember that you hair should be well-cared and healthy. After you are done with making beautiful dense curls, you can sweep whole hair into the one side of your head making asymmetrical parting in the process. Hair should fall over your shoulder to give your hairstyle more feminine and classy appearance.

Medium Length Hair and Delicate Curls

If your hair by nature arranges itself in gentle waves or curls, this may be your asset. Hair does not always necessarily have to be perfectly straight, or arranged in curls that are perfectly executed, with symmetrical shapes. If you have hair like the model in this picture, try to come up with a few updos for yourself that will allow you to change your wavy hair into an asset. You can use a lot of different clips and hair inserts, which will give your hair a perfect shape. At the same time, the hairstyle will also be very comfy, because your hair will not be falling on your eyes.


Long Curls – Simple Styling to Work

Do you like when your hair is always perfectly arranged; while going to the shop, or work, or to the party? Do you have long hair and you are looking for a simple way to arrange it? You can try on how your hair will look with attractive curls that are shown in the image. Such curls can be made by using only a curling iron. We shouldn’t twist our hair in traditional way, only in a way to form large and dense waves that give our hair more volume and us elegance and style.